The White Lady’s Casket returns to Bishops’ House

White Lady's Casket installation slips

White Lady’s Casket installation slips

I am pleased to share with you all that my conference paper for Environmental Utterance has borne fruit back in the location that was its origin.

My paper ‘The generations spiral back’: installation, performance and text’ discussed my site specific installation of 1996 and its relationship to that environment and other settings.

My return to the house in the course of my research raised the possibility of bringing the installation text back into the house for a complete performance as an event to help with fundraising to support the house campaign.

The Friends of Bishops’ House have responded positively to my offer, and a performance in the form of an experimental verse drama with a cast of three will take place on Halloween night and will include live music.

More information on this event and the project of The White Lady’s Casket is available from my studio blog, Warm Storage.

Posted by Christine Kennedy 22.10.12

Pomona in Tremough Orchard

Paula Claire’s performance of ‘Pomona’ will  be celebrated in an artists book publication forthcoming from Paula later this year. I took numerous photos of this delightful and unforgettable event, and Paula has chosen a few to share here.
Posted by Christine Kennedy 21.9.12

Paula Clare - photo by Christine Kennedy

Paula Claire – photo by Christine Kennedy

Paula Clare Pomona performance

Paula Claire Pomona performance

Paula Clare Pomona performance

Paula Claire Pomona performance

Paula Clare Pomona performance

Paula Claire Pomona performance

some images

The selection is random, just based on the lectures/performances I had the luck to attend and was attentive enough to take an image. (Apologies for the poor quality of these mobile phone pics – especially of the inside views).


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